Dinner Menu



foie gras. parmesan. garlic.

roasted turnips

braised greens. créme fraîche. pretzel crunch.

lamb chops

flageolet bean. fenugreek. caper.

dry aged new york strip

potato. oxtail. sherry hollandaise.

chicory salad

date vinaigrette. goat cheese. walnut.


roasted fennel. chili. tomato. herb crema.

kalbi skate wing

sesame. gochujang. persimmon.

bologna rangoon

cream cheese. jalapeño.

french fries

cajun seasoning. smoked ketchup.


put an egg on it?

pork tenderloin

romanesco. peri peri. wild rice.

sea scallops

nduja. fingerling. chive.

oysters on the half shell

daily selection. dill pickle. old bay. cherry tomato.

country fried chicken

pommes puree. french onion jus. green bean.

stuffed flatbread

halloumi. pine nut. yogurt.

mushroom tempura

maitake. dijon. dill.

filet mignon

ricotta. celery root. beet reduction.

brussel sprouts

honey. lime. chicken skin.

yellowfin tuna

kimchi. edamame. sweet soy.

bone-in ribeye

szechaun au poivre.




passion fruit. milk crumb. coconut.

upside down cake

dark chocolate. blood orange. sherbet.

pear galette

maple. hibiscus. pie crust.

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