Dinner Menu



crab. matsutake. shiso butter.

roasted cauliflower

tomato curry. green goddess. crispy naan.

lamb chops

sunflower. yellow squash. black cherry.

dry aged new york strip

swiss chard. bacon. espresso.

arugula salad

blackberry. goat cheese. broccoli.

sweet corn lumache

jalapeño biscuit. honey butter. chive.


panang curry. patty pan. sea bean.


corn dog. cream cheese. jalapeño.

french fries

rosemary. roasted garlic aioli.


put an egg on it?

pork collar

carrot. pear. butter bean cassoulet.

sea scallops

endive. bresaola. melon.

oysters on the half shell

daily selection. apple mignonette. cider donut.

chicken ballotine

cucumber. red pepper yogurt. walnut.

plantain tacos

jackfruit. black bean salsa. jerk spice.

long beans

garlic. chili ranch crisp. parmesan.

filet mignon

cipollini. leek. cognac jus.

brussel sprouts

honey. lime. chicken skin.

radish carpaccio

quince. macadamia. yuzu. mint.

bone-in ribeye

shishito chimichurri.



espresso cake

vanilla mousse. bourbon caramel. chocolate.

olive oil cheesecake

fig. pecan brittle. shortbread.

key lime tart

avocado. coconut sorbet. buckwheat shortbread.

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