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As perhaps the most anticipated opening of 2016, Grey Ghost lived up to its hype when it opened in late July. Headed by Chicago chefs John Vermiglio and Josef Giacomino, each dish and drink is carefully crafted, from deceptively simple plates of fried bologna sandwiches served on waffles, to a more ambitious steak tartare and fried quail. While the chefs may be from the Windy City, Grey Ghost is all Detroit. Located in the legendary and long-shuttered Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe space in Midtown, the name pays homage to a notorious rum-running pirate on the Detroit River. Fittingly, you’ll find an impressive cocktail selection at the hands of Will Lee, formerly of Selden Standard, Wright & Company, and Standby. With a powerhouse staff like this, it’s easy to see why Grey Ghost stole the spotlight in 2016.

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313.262.653447 Watson St Detroit MI
Photography partners: Michelle & Chris Gerard, Marina Pia Goldi, Jenna Belevender

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