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Detroit Hustle: The Best Bars and Restaurants in Motor City

Modern-day Detroit would confound the Iroquois who originally inhabited the land, as well as the French fur traders who arrived in 1701. Once driven by automotive prosperity, the city has endured hard times from deindustrialization and political miscalculation. But over the last decade, low rents have lured chefs, artists and innovators of all kinds, including urban farmers and winemakers, whose venues have sprouted across neighborhoods. Here’s where to find fresh ideas in Motor City.

Top Detroit Chefs Cook to Benefit Cyclist Riding Coast to Coast For Hunger Relief

When Tim Winterfield learned that ultra-marathoners reach their peak in their 60s, it both inspired and motivated him. He took up long-distance biking, as in dozens of miles per day, which led to two separate journeys stretching up to 1,800 miles along both coasts of America.

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